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Some links to compadres, colleagues, co-conspirators and cool stuff :

DIY Factory -The home of DIY  
JLM Audio - Joe Malone of JLM Audio has some very cool DIY info and Kits  
Chris Vallejo - Australian and loves DIY
Peter Cornell - A kindred DIY spirit ... and father of the Green-Pre  
Steff - DIY Jedi  
Mikey Borens - when not chasing Lulu the Space Cat, Mikey is knee deep in DIY  
Peter P - Another kindred DIY spirit  
Rob Flinn - And yet another kindred DIY spirit from the UK  
Thomas TK Kristiansson - TK to his friends and pure vintage DIY  
Frank - At NRG Recording , a true friend to DIY  
Roll Music - DIY spirit  
John Klett - A Master Technician and a good place for the Neve enthusiast  
Eddie Ciletti - A great site for DIY audio and more  
David Jahnsen - DIY LA2a tube compressor  
Waltzing Bear - A good place for schematic drawings  
Brad Blackwood - Mastering - pure and simple ... with a little DIY on top  
dB Calculator - An interactive dB calculator from Analog Devices  
Rane - The Rane Library, a great set of informational pages and a must read  
Van den Hul - Audio and Video Cable/Connector Wiring Diagrams  
Uneeda Aaudio - Build your own attenuator pads - I do spend some time there  
Kev's Rec.Org resource page - was a good place for some of Kev's tips and tricks, it may live again  
Digidesign - just one of many DAWs !  
doc22 - OMS Name documents and other hints  
Jensen Transformers - Lots of application notes for audio transformers  
Somersault Music - Independent music  
Stan Kofoed - Kneeboard Surfing Victoria  
Kneeboard Surfing Victoria - Stan Kofoed's Kneeboard Surfing Victoria  
Theresa Sugars - Singer song writer  

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