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Yes you will find that most of the projects in this DIY section will probably, in some way, be related to Home Recording or Audio in general. It is very early in the development of this site and so much is incomplete.

However the object of each project is to provide enough information to construct an item that is immediately and equally useful in a Home Studio or a top flight Professional Studio.

If you see an idea amongst the following but the section is too incomplete to get you going, drop me an e-mail and give me a push. Likewise if the section does seem complete but you still have questions you are welcome to fire them at me.



Passive test VU Meter
A simple project that is too useful not have one or two.


Headphone Distribution
The first project start at the beginning of the recording chain and so this one is at the other end. A simple passive design that can be driven from any audio power amp and can be configured to suit your needs.

Active Balancing Box
This is perhaps the most useful project for those that live in a balanced world and need to interface unbalanced or domestic gear with their balanced Home Studio. It also provides a good look at some very Versatile building blocks used in many of these projects.


Opto Compressor
Opto compressors sound great and can be very easy to use, especial when there is no attack and release controls. This one is based on the Urei LA-4.


Dual Mic-Pre
A project to get get things started. A simple pair of Mic Pre-amps intended for any job in the studio or out in the field as its battery powered. It can also provide phantom for Condenser Microphones and handle a wide range of input levels.


Mic-Pre Power Supply -
This is an addition to the Dual Mic-pre project. For those that wish to mount the Mic-pre and a power supply into a nice Studio Rack Box.


KDMP - Kev's Dual Mic-Pre
- Kev's Dual Mic-Pre
The above project with an added powwer supply and all mounted in a single Rack Box.


Dual Opto Compressor
No page as yet but here is a picture of the prototype with a Joe Meek VC1Qcs.


© Kevin Ross 2001